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I grew up with the age-old adage that nothing in life is for free. Though wise and wonderful, my forefathers weren’t blessed with the opportunity to experience online gambling and the best gift of all – the free casino bonus. After discovering gambling on the internet and being bowled over by the multitude of entertainment options available to me as a player, I was even more surprised to discover that these sites would be handing me free money to simply try their sites.

Land based casinos offer certain players’ gifts in the form of comps. Whether in the form of free drinks, meals or accommodation, players are rewarded for their loyalty. Obviously, online casinos cannot offer ‘traditional’ comps but they certainly can offer players other gifts and this is where bonuses come in. I was really bowled over by the sheer generosity of these sites who offered fantastic welcome bonuses to new players who registered and funded their accounts. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical in the beginning due to the amounts offered but I soon understood that this was a way for the sites to attract new players and they could afford to be generous.

In time, I learned that a free casino bonus doesn’t stop once you have registered with a site. There are lots of opportunities for you to benefit from other types of bonuses. If, for example, you fund your account on a regular basis, you can enjoy fabulous loyalty bonuses. If you have a larger than average bankroll and spend it at a particular site, be sure that the online casino will reward you with special perks for its high rollers.

As with everything in life, I suggest that you check the small print and make sure that the bonus suits you and your gambling lifestyle but rest assured that – if well chosen – casino bonuses are worth their weight in gold.

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